Happy winter time ! "Aaliyah" 12:56 PM 11th January, 2024

Dont look like a shadow of yourself.... Just take an adventure and have a fun twist in your life and will go in to the other side ..... all for fun..... Travel with me... Exoticaaliyah x x x x x

Lovely Weekend "Aaliyah" 2:06 AM 30th September, 2023

Seems nice to catch up guys ! having great time... but seems a working progress. Aaliyah

On tour in Oxford "Aaliyah" 6:57 AM 08th July, 2023

Will be on tour on 13 - 16 July in Oxford. OX5 look forward to see you gentlemen. Aaliyah

Gentlemen ! "Aaliyah" 12:06 AM 01st June, 2023

Hello, If you need a friend I am here for you as I will have all ears to listen not only to make you happy but also your private dancer too. Aaliyah

Coronation Party ! "Aaliyah" 1:15 AM 04th May, 2023

I'd like you to see my tiara as getting ready for the weekend coronation. Ready as well for my banter around. Ooops time to vote too ! Great fun this coming weekend ! Aaliyah

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